Welcome to New North Construction Ltd.

New North Construction Ltd. provides customer-driven solutions in earth-moving and construction. Activities focus on the petrochemical industry, civil projects, residential construction, and alternative power facilities.

 New North Construction is committed to providing dependable and reliable service to their customers. Quality workmanship with the lowest environmental impact is our top priority.  Instilling safety consciousness in each and every employee is our goal.  We are committed to providing the highest level of work ethic for every job we undertake.   

New North Construction Ltd. is committed to best-in-class practices in all health, safety and environmental matters that affect our employees, our communities, suppliers and our customers. 

Regional Construction for Aapatin Corp. and Aaneen Power Corp.

Aaneen Power Corp.  and Aapatin  Corp. have selected New North Construction  Ltd. for all civil construction work in the Peace River region. New North Construction will  building roads & leases for power generating stations for the oil and gas industry including one of the top three petroleum producers in the world.


Registered Onsite Waste Water Handling

New North Construction has a "Registered Onsite Waste Water Practitioner" on staff and is full capable of handling waste water/sewer/canalization projects:
- site estimation/assessment, planning/consideration
- preparation of the work site, excavation, trenching, leveling and actual pipe/septic tank installations according to the standard practice;
- Quality control before/during/after job completion, maintaining monitoring, and servicing sewerage systems
-private residential and commercial inspections by using Type 1 and Type 2 treatment methods.
All work is done with the highest degree of responsibility, care, allegiance and commitment.


Registered Onsite Waste Water Handling
Registered Onsite Waste Water Handling

For more information on Registered Onsite Waste Water Practitioners, please visit the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia at http://www.asttbc.org/

Overseas Projects

 Aaneen Power Corp.  and Apatin  have selected New North Construction Ltd. for all civil construction work overseas in  Nigeria, Jamaica & Panama.

New North Construction will be doing all major earth work, pouring and forming of concrete, and the erection of steel buildings to house algae plants, water filtration plants and municipal disposal systems.




Residential & Commercial Construction

New North Construction has the required resources to take any commercial/residential project from conception through to completion. We have access to a skilled workforce with outstanding work ethics. As we grow, New North Construction will add these resources to our payroll thus insuring a highly skilled team of employees that will provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. 
New North Construction has strong partnerships with several sub-contractors right here in Dawson Creek. Pro-West Electric is our electrical contractor of choice. A family owned and operated business that will grow along with New North Construction. Pro-West Owner Ed Heaton has over 27 years experience in all electrical/instrumentation in Oilfield, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects. Ed and his son Brian are very proud to be associated with the New North Construction family of partnerships. 
We have access to very skilled mechanical sub-contractors to handle all plumbing/gas and mechanical installations.
Whether your requirements are large or small, New North Construction will always be ready to meet your needs. In fact, you will have access to our labour pool when your human resource needs fall short.

Peace Region Residential and Commercial Construction
Peace Region Residential and Commercial Construction